Team work makes the dream work

There are lots of positives for being self employed and for me, they definitely out weigh the cons. But the thing I miss the most about being employed, is being part of a team. Not only the social element but the bouncing ideas of each other, learning from other colleagues and sharing success (and failure) with others doing the same thing as you.

My new role as a mum is like being employed (without the job description and salary). The team element is amazing. Mainly from my boyfriend (Teddy’s Dad), Andy. Working together and being united in our decisions, makes the start of parenthood a lot smoother and day to day life a lot happier. (Don’t roll your eyes at the soppiness, it’s not all bunnies and flowers. There are times when we do disagree and on many occasions, try and out trump each other for who’s done more feeds or nappy changes or even house chores)!!

Alongside Andy and our very supportive friends and family, I also find massive comfort in other mums. A huge network of women who, generally speaking, are all playing on the same team. Sharing tips & advice, lending an ear (sometimes even a shoulder) and who can completely emphasise with how tired you are. Every child is different but we are all performing the same role – being responsible for something we love, more than any of us can really describe.

Cons aside, I have absolutely loved my first week back at work and my participants make it so easy to return so soon after having Teddy.

Pure Stretch ClassBuggy Circuit Ladies

My organisational skills, as well as my ability to multi task are in full swing. I am juggling class plans and Zumba routines with bottles, nappies and baby classes. There are days I’m cooking dinner whilst rocking Teddy’s chair with my foot, with a Zumba song playing in the background. Everyday I am putting my mummy head on, my fitness head on and of course, trying not to forget, my girlfriend head too.

Carnage aside, It’s great to be getting fit again and knowing it’s possible to get out and do something for me.

Lorna Catchpole

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  1. Aunty Caz   Ã¢Â€Â¢  

    your doing great my lovely Teddy is beautiful. It is hard juggling everything you will do it , my beautiful niece that I love with all my heart well done an a huge congratulations to what your achieving so far xx

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