Half way there!

We are 6 weeks into the 12 weeks ’til Christmas Challenge and so far you have taken your ‘before’ photos, completed 2 exercise challenges and hopefully been more aware of what and how much you are eating.

We now have 6 weeks to go and as the ‘C‘ word gets closer things becomes a little harder – the colder weather helps to decrease our motivation for healthy eating & exercise and an increase in socialising tests our strength in saying NO to another glass of wine or mince pie. Remember to keep your focus – if you have a ‘bad’ meal, don’t get disheartened, just ensure your next meal is something better. Also try and control your portion size and limit those ‘naughty’ snacks.

Your next part of the challenge is to take your photos again. Try and take the photos (front, back and side) in the same place as before and roughly at the same time of day as you did last time.  Once you have taken the pictures, I want you to compare your pictures side by side – Week 1 and Week 6 and see if there have been any changes in your body shape/size.

Until your next exercise challenge is posted, I have a mini challenge for you… Every time you use a car park, I want you to park the furthest point away, meaning you have further to walk. I also want you to use the stairs and not the lift (in any situation where you have a choice of both).

Something to look forward to: The Proof is Not in the Pudding – Advent Calendar. Instead of a chocolate a day, there will be a challenge a day for you to do on the lead up to Christmas.

Keep up the good work

Lorna x


Lorna Catchpole

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    Look forward to the advent calander challenge.

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