Christmas Treats

Mince PiesDid you know, one mince pie has approximately 350 calories in? And lets face it, we all know how easy it is to have more than one! With the lead up to Christmas being the hardest time to resist tempting treats such as pies, biscuits, chocolate and more, why not try some of the recipes below for a lower calorie alternative. As I said on my first ever blog post, ‘I will not be advising you to eat raw eggs, run 3 times a day and live off lettuce’. We all like a treat – something that gives us great pleasure… so try baking these and feel less guilty.

Try this crumble topped mince pie which is 175 calories (per pie).

Or what about a Christmas gingerbread biscuit – only 96 calories per biscuit.

Chocolate lovers?

Another suggestion (which is also a good pudding option for any time of year) Meringues. Add a bit of fruit and a dash of cream and mmmmmm!! htttp://

Finally, what about a scrummy baked apple:

Aprons at the ready… Happy Baking!

Coming soon… The Proof is not in the Pudding Advent Calendar Challenge



Lorna Catchpole

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