Takeaways – The best of the worst!

Pizza. Indian. Chinese. Fish & Chips. Kebabs… When it comes to takeaway, most of us aren’t thinking about healthy eating. We are thinking what’s quick, comforting, requires no effort and can be delivered to the door? I have been researching different takeaway menus and looking at what is a better option for you.

I’ll start with Pizza Pizza Using Dominos as the example. And I must say this is the calorie content that scared me the most! A medium Americano Double Decadence Pizza is a whopping 346 per slice (15.1g of fat). The pizza is made up of 8 slices, which makes it a massive 2,768 calories. Not to mention any side orders, Potato Wedges 149 calories and Chicken Strippers 220 calories. Throw in a bottle of 500ml bottle of coke at 210 calories (53g of sugar) and you’re looking at 3,347 calories for ‘a Friday night treat’. The best option I found on the Dominos menu was a small Classic Thin Crust Cheese and Tomato at 97 calories per slice (2.9g fat) and 6 slices per pizza = 582 calories. For all calorie and nutrition information for Dominos check out http://www.takeafreshlook.co.uk/foodguide.htm.

Another option if you fancy a pizza is a Pizza Express Takeaway. The Classic American is 802 calories which is 1,967 less than Dominos. And if you live close enough you could even walk to pick it up which would mean you would burn some calories before eating it. For nutrition and calorie content for Pizza Express visit http://www.pizzaexpress.com/uploads/documents/calorie.pdf.

Indian TakeawayIndian – obviously this will differ for each restaurant and calorie content will change depending on the ingredients used. The calorie figures stated are based on a typical serving (Source: Weight Loss Resources) Chicken Korma is 870 calories, Pilau Rice is 650 Calories and 1 Onion Bajee is 190 calories = 1,710 calories (and that’s without a naan and even a drink). A lower calorie option is: Chicken Tikka (no sauce) 222 Calories with Plain Boiled Rice 370 calories = 592 calories. The sauces are the bit that contain the highest fat and calories – if you don’t want to avoid the sauce altogether try and cut some of it back. According to which? An average portion of chicken korma contains 3.2g more saturated fat than a women should have in a whole day.

Chinese – once again, as mentioned with the Indian takeaway, calorie content will differ for each restaurant. A typical order: Sweet and Sour Chicken 480 calories, Prawn Toast 70 calories per slice, Crispy Duck (4 pancakes) 800 Calories = 1,350 calories. A better choice would be Szechuan Prawns and vegetables with boiled rice – 589 calories. Be careful with the amount of side dishes that you order as this will really clock the calories up.Chinese Takeaway

The rice dishes- boiled rice is approx. 370 calories  per portion compared to fried rice which is approx. 625 calories per portion. Another tip: How about try using chopsticks? This can slow down the speed at which you are eating, giving you more chance of realising you are full before you overeat.

Fish and Chips –  It is what it is and there isn’t too much choice with this option of takeaway. My main advice for this is to think about portion control when ordering. The other night my lovely dad asked if I could grab him ‘a small chips’ on my way round to his for a visit. I stopped at my local fish and chip shop and got just that. The photo is what I plated up for him… This was a SMALL portion and it wouldn’t fit on one standard dining plate. Small portion of chipsIt really was enough to feed a family of 4. My other advice for fish and chips is to remove some of the batter and focus on eating just the white fish.

Finally Kebabs – the rotating meat stick…you either love it or hate it. For me I couldn’t think of anything worse than eating that so called meat, even after a wine or 4. However a Chicken Shish Kebab is a great option – grilled chicken and plenty of salad – approx. 200 caloriesKebab meat

I have covered a mere few of the takeaway choices out there but it is just something for you to think about when ordering your next one. Easy on the sauces, step away from the sides and is it really worth how you are going to feel after you’ve eaten it?

Want to remind yourself of how much activity you will need to do to burn these takeaway calories? Take a look at the ‘Calorie’ blog post (https://theproofisnotinthepudding.co.uk/blogposts/calorie/) to find out more!

Lorna x

Lorna Catchpole


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