2 under 2 – one is a pet, two is a zoo!

Woody is 1. Yes a whole year has gone by since I’ve been fumbling my way through life with 2 boys! I have honestly found the jump from one to two much more difficult than I had ever imagined. I know we had a small age gap and so some will be reading this and thinking ‘what did you expect’ BUT now experiencing it, I think I would have found
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Team work makes the dream work

There are lots of positives for being self employed and for me, they definitely out weigh the cons. But the thing I miss the most about being employed, is being part of a team. Not only the social element but the bouncing ideas of each other, learning from other colleagues and sharing success (and failure) with others doing the same thing as you. My new role as a mum is like being
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The next chapter… Motherhood!

I am sat here waiting for my little man to wake up for his midnight feed, reflecting on the last 13 weeks that I’ve been off work, embarking on a new chapter of my life… Motherhood. I finished work at the beginning of July and was awaiting the arrival of a baby (at this point not knowing that he was going to be a he)! Sensing my impatience, Teddy Ray
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The Right Shoe For You


Nike, Adidas, Asics, Puma, Converse? Do you feel bombarded with the array of  brands and colours across the shelves when buying new trainers? What affects your decision when buying a new pair – Colour? Price? Fashion? Have you ever considered picking a trainer that ensures you walk with the correct postural alignment? With the increase of exercise participation in January, I wanted to make sure you aren’t ‘in all the gear, with no idea’, so I’m
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The Month of Fitness Mayhem

As I sit here relaxing in my PJs, on what is my last night off (following a 2 week break from jumping, leaping and squatting my way through my normal working week),  I thought I’d better post something before the January fitness mayhem begins. Generally speaking, people tend to start their diet or new fitness regimes on a Monday. And what with tomorrow being the first Monday in January, I can imagine it’s going to be a
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The End of the 12CC

Christmas Eve and the end of the 12CC. Yes – it was 12 weeks ago you took your ‘pre’ photos and started the 20:20 challenge. Since then you have completed the Chair Challenge and 24 daily challenges with the Advent Calendar. To finish the 12CC off, it’s time to take your photos again. In order to make a good comparison, try and take the photos in the same place and clothes as last time. If you
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Healthy Banana Pancakes

Ingredients 2 Eggs 1 Banana 1/2 cup of Oats 1/2 teaspoon Cinnamon 1 teaspoon Vanilla Essence 1/4 cup of Apple Sauce Method Blend oats until ground Add other ingredients Mix until blended Cook on a buttered pan It’s as easy as that!  

Advent Challenger

Christmas Scene

Sunday 1st December – you are probably reading this with the taste of chocolate on your tongue from day 1 of your advent calendar. However, the Proof is not in the Advent Calendar, it’s in The Advent Challenger – a virtual calendar with a mixture of challenges, recipes and all round fitness fun. You can even do this alongside your chocolate calendar, as it means you can enjoy the treat and then work it
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Christmas Treats

Did you know, one mince pie has approximately 350 calories in? And lets face it, we all know how easy it is to have more than one! With the lead up to Christmas being the hardest time to resist tempting treats such as pies, biscuits, chocolate and more, why not try some of the recipes below for a lower calorie alternative. As I said on my first ever blog post, ‘I
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Takeaways – The best of the worst!

Pizza. Indian. Chinese. Fish & Chips. Kebabs… When it comes to takeaway, most of us aren’t thinking about healthy eating. We are thinking what’s quick, comforting, requires no effort and can be delivered to the door? I have been researching different takeaway menus and looking at what is a better option for you. I’ll start with Pizza –  Using Dominos as the example. And I must say this is the calorie content that scared
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